Dr. Lynn Rainville, PhD
Professor. Author. Public Historian.

I am an anthropological archaeologist who studies the everyday lives of ordinary people in historic Virginian Communities (European-American, African-American, and Native American) and ancient Assyrian cities. By combining archaeological, ethnographic, and historical sources I uncover lost sites and the biographies of forgotten Virginians.

For the 2017-18 Academic Year, I am a Visiting Fellow at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. Read more about that project here.

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Lynn Rainville speaking at Chop Suey Books in Richmond. Photo by Brian Palmer.


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Dr. Rainville locates a World War I Memorial in Roanoke, Virginia.


Recent Media about Dr. Rainville's Work

•On a keynote speech to commemorate the centennial of America's (specifically Virginia's) entry into the Great War."WWI Centennial Ceremony," by Cindy Blanchard. Richmond Times-Dispatch, April 1, 2017.  Read here.

•On Virginia's role in World War I: "World War I Changed Virginia Forever," by Bill Lohman. Bristol Herald Courier, April 1, 2017. Read here.

•On cemeteries: "Finding Hidden Stories in African American Cemeteries," by Leonard Colvin, The New Journal and Guide, March 30, 2017. Read here.

•On Virginia's role in World War I: An Interview with Lynn Rainville, by Chance Lee at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, 18 October 2016. Read here.

•On a cemetery that Dr Rainville and Gardiner Hallock submitted a successful nomination to add it to the National and State Registers of Historic Places, "Virginia Preservation Conference Holds Workshop Focusing on Daughter of Zion Cemetery" (Charlottesville), CBS19 Broadcast, 16 October 2016. View here.

•On World War I memorials: "Vigils Remember Virginia's First World War Soldiers," by the Centenary News (First World War 1914-1918), 4 October 2016. Read here.

•On the history of slavery at American colleges & universities: "Georgetown joins Brown, UVA and others looking anew at slavery," by Nick Anderson and Susan Svrluga, Washington Post, September 4, 2016. Read here.

•On World War I memorials: "A Flight Forgotten," by Brendan Wolfe, University of Virginia Magazine, Rotunda, Fall 2016. Read here.

Dr. Rainville serves a WWI-era treat with an audience at the VFH.

Dr. Rainville serves a WWI-era treat to an audience at the VFH.

•On cemeteries: "Left We Forget: The State of Virginia Preserves Black History Landmarks," Los Angeles Sentinel, February 23, 2017. Read here.

•On cemeteries: "Historic Black Cemeteries Seeking the Same Support Virginia Gives Confederates," Washington Post, February 11, 2017. Read here.

•On cemeteries: "Uncovering a Painful Past for African Americans, one Headstone at a Time," by Karen Roberts, USA Today, February 21, 2016. Read here.

•On Cemeteries: "Uncovering Hidden Histories in Virginia's Black Cemeteries, by Michael Paul Williams, Richmond Times-Dispatch, October 8, 2015. Read here.

•On Cemeteries: An interview with Dr. Lynn Rainville on WVTR, March 27, 2015. Watch the six minute interview here.

•On Cemeteries and the Ancient Near East: An interview with Coy Barefoot on "Charlottesville - Right Now!" September 27, 2007. Listen here.