Future Events: Spring / Summer 2017

Virginia's Role in World War I. A workshop for teachers.

11 July 2017 | 11| MacArthur Memorial, Norfolk

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Gravestone Genealogies: Mapping Family History in Virginian Cemeteries.

15 September 2017 | TBD| Library of Virginia and AAHGS

Invisible Founders: A Discussion with Descendants of the Enslaved Community at Sweet Briar

19 October 2017 | TBD| University of Virginia, Universities Studying Slavery

Remembering Rockbridge County's Role in the Great War: From Ambulances to War Memorials. Armistice Day Lecture, with an accompanying exhibition at W&L.

5 November 2017 | TBD| Lee Chapel on the campus of Washington & Lee University


Dr. Rainville speaking at the April 6, 2017 Carillon program to commemorate the centennial of America's entry into World War I. Photograph by Sergeant 1st Class Terra C. Gatti.

Past Events: 2017 Talks

Unconventional e-Research into Slavery at Sweet Briar: 15 years of Social Media, Websites, and Databases to Uncover the College's Invisible Founders

3 March 2017 | Virginia Forum

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Sweet Briar’s Invisible Founders: Two Centuries of African American Labor

7 March 2017 | Virginia Foundation for the Humanities

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Will the Stones Whisper Their Names? Identifying and Protecting Sacred African American Burial Sites

18 March 2017 | Louisa Arts Center

Learn more. Read an article about the Louisa County Cemetery project.

Tour of the University of Virginia Cemetery & African American Burial Site

25 March 2017 | Campbell Hall (on UVA Grounds)

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Enslaved Founders at a Virginian College

30 March 2017 | Georgetown University Symposium

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Virginia's Role in the Great War. Keynote speaker for the observations of the centennial of America's entry into World War I

6 April 2017 | Carillon, Richmond, Virginia

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Hidden Histories. Keynote for the annual History United Conference, "Finding Our Roots"

6 May 2017 | Reid St. Gallery, Chatham, Virginia

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Washington County's Role in World War I. Keynote speaker at the Annual Meeting of the Washington County Historical Society.

 10 June 2017 | Abingdon

Past Events: 2016 Talks

7 January 2016 | Society Historic Archaeology (Washington D.C.)

Historic Black Lives Matter

6 February 2016 | Chesterfield Public Library

Protecting God's Acre: historic black graveyards

18 March 2016 | National Council on Public History (Baltimore)

Slavery and American Colleges

19 March 2016 | National Council on Public History (Baltimore)

Cemetery Activism

June 4, 2016 | Sweet Briar College Reunion

African American Heritage at Sweet Briar, 1810-2010

20 September 2016 | Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, Fellows Talk

Virginia's Surprising Role in the Great War

20 September 2016 |Roanoke Public Library (Gainsboro Branch)

Caring for African American Cemeteries

23 September 2016 |OLLI Special Presentation

Remembering the Great War: Virginia's Great War Efforts

7 October 2016 | Association for the Study of African American Life & History, Richmond

Contesting the American Narrative: Cemetery Commemorations and Graveyard Ghosts

13 October 2016 | Archaeological Institute of America Talk, University of Richmond

God's Acre: Archaeo-Historic Insights into African American Graveyards

16 October 2016 |Preservation Virginia 31st Conference, Charlottesville

Cemetery Workshop: Daughters of Zion Graveyard

4 November 2016 | Southern Historical Association, St. Pete Beach, Florida

Reading Gravestones as Text: A Study of Two Hundred Years of African-American Funerary Remains


History Hunt on the Downtown Mall (Charlottesville)

As you walk down the Charlottesville Downtown Mall, look up and around for clues from the past. Taken together, these clues tell a story about historic Charlottesville businesses, storekeepers, citizens, and landscapes.To search for clues on the mall, click here.

Vinegar Hill Neighborhood Tour

Walk through the old Vinegar Hill Neighborhood, mostly demolished in the 1960s as part of an "Urban Renewal" effort.

Historic Cemetery Tours

Dr. Rainville regularly leads groups (from grade school to adults) on tours of historic Virginian cemeteries.

An on-line lecture at the Virginia Historical Society, "God's Acre: Why African American Cemeteries Matter," October 8, 2015. View here.

Dr. Rainville leading an architectural tours of the historic Sweet Briar College campus (designed by Ralph Adams Cram).

Dr. Rainville leads an AP Geography class from Charlottesville High School on a Tour of the Maplewood Cemetery. Photograph by Chris Bunin.


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Dr. Rainville speaking at a Rosenwald Schools Conference (February 2015). Photograph by Justin Sarafin.