Courses Taught


Introduction to Archaeology

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (4-field approach)

Archaeological Field Methods (lab course)

Rise and Fall of Ancient Civilizations

Archaeology of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology

Archaeology of Everyday Life

Archaeology of Death

Ethnography of Death and Dying

Household Archaeology

Gender in the Archaeological Record

Cultural Perspectives on Family & Society


University of Michigan, 1998-1999

Dartmouth College, 1999-2000

University of Virginia, 2001-2002

Sweet Briar College, 2001-2008

On-line modules (Links Coming Soon)

Stan Skeleton

See if you can determine the identity of "stan" as he illustrates mortuary patterns from different cultures.

History Hunt

As you walk down the Charlottesville Downtown Mall, look up and around for clues from the past. The virtual tour takes guides you through the mall ("take a walk"), quizzes you on historic evidence ("locate clues"), and gives you and your parents resources for learning more about the history of the mall ("learn more").

Cemetery SOLs

Take a virtual tour of an historic African American Cemetery in Charlottesville founded by the Daughters of Zion in 1873. Click here.


The clues listed below will guide you through ante-bellum features and outside of 20th-century buildings on the Sweet Briar College Campus.

Excavating a Coconut Cake

In January 2008, the students in ANTH 115 were called to investigate a curious, miniature Archaeological Site discovered, oddly enough, in their classroom. To get to the bottom of this, they select their tools and begin a methodical excavation.