2018. Expected Publication Date. Invisible Founders: Two Centuries of African Americans at Sweet Briar. Berghahn Press.

An in-depth study of an enslaved community and their many unrecognized contributions to creating an institute of higher education that remains open to this day and, even now in 2017, hires employees who are descended from the original plantation laborers.

2017. In Press. Virginians in the Great War: Uncovering One State's Role in Mobilizing For, Fighting, and Commemorating World War I. McFarland Press.

This book reveals the surprisingly large role of the Old Dominion and its citizens during The Great War. In addition to sending 93,000 soldiers (3,700 of whom never returned), Virginians contributed in a myriad of ways: from nurses and doctors who founded base hospitals at home and abroad to farriers and trainers who ran equestrian remount stations and from women who packed artillery shells at ammunition plants to the pilots who trained at Tidewater fields.

2015. Sweet Briar College. Arcadia Press.

A two-hundred-year review of Sweet Briar's history, first as an antebellum plantation and then as a woman's college. Over 180 photographs illustrate this complex legacy.

To purchase the book, visit Amazon where the Hardcover List Price is $19. purchase >

. . . . .

2014. Hidden History: African American Cemeteries in Central Virginia. University of Virginia Press.

In Hidden History, Lynn Rainville travels through the forgotten African American cemeteries of central Virginia to recover information crucial to the stories of the black families who lived and worked there for over two hundred years. To learn more about the research and book, visit the Hidden History website >

To purchase the book, visit Amazon where the Hardcover List Price is $35.00 and the Paperback List Price is $19.50. purchase >

. . . . .

2005. Investigating Upper Mesopotamian Households Using Micro-Archaeological Techniques. BAR International Series, No. S1368. Oxford: Archaeopress.

This book presents the results from a study of domestic life at two urban sites in Upper Mesopotamia: Titris Hoyuk and Kazane Hoyuk. Rainville integrated archaeological and geological techniques and developed a method she refers to as "micro-archaeology" or "micro-debris analysis." She provides instructions on how to take and analyze micro-debris samples and uses 370 of these samples to test models of domestic economy, family structure, and residential organization in two Early Bronze Age communities.

To purchase the book, visit Amazon where the Hardcover List Price is $87.50 and Paperback copies are available for $35.  purchase >


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