Memorial Types. View photographs of WW1 memorials throughout the state.

Map. Efforts are on-going to locate, photograph, and describe every World War One memorial in Virginia. Click here for a google map that contains the memorials located to-date

Ghost Soldiers. Event

Letters Home. Although army censors reviewed everything that soldiers sent home their letters still provide insight into their daily life during the war.

Letters to the Front. Most enlistees left worried parents, sweethearts, spouses, and/or children behind. Many of these individuals corresponded regularly with their loved ones during the War.
29th Infantry Division. Nicknamed the "Blue and Grey" it was formed on July 18, 1917

80th Infantry Division. This Division was nicknamed the "Blue Ridge Division and activated in 1917

116th Infantry Regiment. Was formed in 1741 as part of the Virginia Army National Guard

Soldiers' biographies. Virginia alone lost thousands of soldiers (the total U.S. war deaths are estimated at over 116,000). Most soldiers did not have the time to record their experiences in diaries but we can try to reconstruct biographical information for some of these brave men and women. Please contact us if you have information about a Virginian who served in The Great War